LXP Ultimate Perfecting Serum x 2

SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Serum 10ml/0.34oz [sample size no box] x 2

Notes on SK-II products:

1. We only stock-in 100% genuine SK-II products, you will see "Made in Japan" on the packing. A number of SK-II items do not have instruction manual inside the box, you may find the English ingredient and English/Chinese/Japanese product description on the packing/ product.
2. Sample Size: We offer SK-II samples for sale to give our customers an opportunity to try before buying an actual size product. You may see "Not for Sale" on the packing but it does not affect product quality and these samples are 100% genuine and manufactured by SK-II too. We will mention (sample size only) / (sample size only, without box) next to product size to indicate.
3. The production date printed on the packing may be shown i) in DD.MM.YY or ii) in Taiwan calendar ROCMM (Minguo calendar). For example, when you see 10508, it means the product was manufactured in 2016 (05+11) August (08) and it lasts for 3 years, i.e. Expiry month = 2019 August For the detail of Taiwan calendar (ROC), please refer below URL:

- Infiltrates the skin, speed up the skin cell recovery development
- Boost of supplements for durable hydration
- Improve skin's translucence for a healthy radiance
- Tested to help skin cell vitality levels
- Enhance Skin's surface, rigidness, brilliance, spot control and wrinkle versatility

Volume10ml/0.34oz [sample size no box]
CategorySkincare, Essence & Serum
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